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ECE 5134G Advanced Fiber Optics and Applications

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ECE 5134G Advanced Fiber Optics and Applications (3C)

Theory of optical fiber waveguide propagation and design applications in communication and sensing systems.

What is the reason for this course?

The course introduces students to the basic building blocks of optical fiber technology. These include the types and properties of fibers, optical sources and detectors, and fiber components and devices. These building blocks are introduced in the context of long distance fiber optical transmission systems which push the technology to its limits. The material is necessary for advanced study of optical communications and the skills acquired in this course are fundamental for employment in the rapidly growing fiber optics industry.

Program Area: Electromagnetics.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Why are these prerequisites or corequisites required?

Graduate Standing

Department Syllabus Information:

Major Measurable Learning Objectives:
Course Topics
Topic Percentage
Digital data links 4%
Ray Theory 4%
Modal Analysis 12%
Signal degradation mechanisms 8%
Optical fiber sources 8%
Detectors and receivers 8%
Coupling and connecting 4%
System Design Considerations 12%
Fiber sensors 8%
Passive and active fiber components and devices 12%
Fiber Nonlinearities 8%
Advanced Topics/ResearchProjects 12%

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