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Fall 2016 textbook list

The Fall 2016 ECE textbook list is available online for students.

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For current prerequisites for a particular course, and to view course offerings for a particular semester, see the Virginia Tech Course Timetables.

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5400 Level Courses

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ECE 5424G Advanced Machine Learning (3C)
ECE 5454 Optimization Techniques for Electrical and Computer Engineering (3C)
ECE 5484 Fundamentals of Computer Systems (0C)
ECE 5485 Networks and Protocols (3C)
ECE 5486 Networks and Protocols (3C)

5700 Level Courses

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ECE 5714 Robust Estimation and Filtering (3C)
ECE 5734 Convex Optimization (3C)
ECE 5744 Linear Systems Theory (3C)
ECE 5754 Applied Linear Systems (3C)
ECE 5764 Applied Linear Control (3C)
ECE 5774 Nonlinear Systems Theory (3C)

6400 Level Courses

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ECE 6424 Probabilistic Graphical Models and Structured Prediction (3C)

6700 Level Courses

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ECE 6744 Linear Control Theory (3C)
ECE 6774 Adaptive Control Systems (3C)