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Fall 2016 textbook list

The Fall 2016 ECE textbook list is available online for students.

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5200 Level Courses

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ECE 5200 Semiconductor Alloys and Heterostructures (3C)
ECE 5204 Power Semiconductor Devices (3C)
ECE 5205 Basic Semiconductor Devices (3C)
ECE 5206 Basic Semiconductor Devices (3C)
ECE 5210 Microelectromechanical Systems From Fabrication to Application (3C)
ECE 5214 Phase-Locked Loops: Theory and Practice (3C)
ECE 5220 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit (RFIC) Technology and Design (3C)
ECE 5234 EMI and Noise Reduction Techniques and Filter Design (3C)
ECE 5240G Advanced Semiconductor Processing Laboratory (3C)
ECE 5244 Advanced Power Conversion Techniques (3C)
ECE 5254 Power Converter Modeling and Control (3C)
ECE 5264 Embedded Power Management (3C)
ECE 5274 Modeling and Control of Three-Phase PWM Converters (3C)
ECE 5284 Power Management Circuits for Energy Harvesting (3C)

6200 Level Courses

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ECE 6204 Advanced Topics in Electronics (3C)
ECE 6214 Optoelectronic Devices (3C)