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Fall 2016 textbook list

The Fall 2016 ECE textbook list is available online for students.

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5100 Level Courses

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ECE 5104G Advanced Microwave and RF Engineering (3C)
ECE 5105 Electromagnetic Waves (3C)
ECE 5106 Electromagnetic Waves (3C)
ECE 5134G Advanced Fiber Optics and Applications (3C)
ECE 5144 Introduction to Electro-Optics (3C)
ECE 5164 Introduction to Space Science I: The Solar Wind and Magnetosphere (3C)
ECE 5174 Introduction to Space Plasmas (3C)
ECE 5194 Remote Sensing: Principles and Techniques (3C)

6100 Level Courses

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ECE 6104 Advanced Topics in Electromagnetics (3C)
ECE 6114 Advanced Analytical Electromagnetics (3C)
ECE 6115 Antenna Theory and Design I (3C)
ECE 6116 Antenna Theory and Design II (3C)
ECE 6124 Advanced Numerical Electromagnetics (3C)
ECE 6154 Photonic Devices and Systems (3C)
ECE 6174 Computational Plasma Dynamics (3C)