ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Graduate Programs

Graduate Areas of Focus

Biomedical Option

ECE offers a biomedical option for graduate study. Students must complete ECE M.S. or Ph.D. requirements, plus some biomedical studies and research. See details.

Faculty Members by Area

See also the listing of ECE faculty members by area.

ECE graduate students are typically associated with one of the department's nine academic areas of focus. The areas often have additional guidelines, such as required courses or seminars.

Electrical Engineering


Area Chair: Dr. Buehrer
Communications Research
Graduate Communications Courses


Area Chair: Dr. Xu
E&M Research
Graduate E&M Courses

Electronic Components, Circuits, and Systems (ECCS)

Area Chair: Dr. Agah
ECCS Research
Graduate Courses in ECCS

Systems & Controls

Area Chair: Dr. Beex
Systems & Controls Research
Graduate Controls Courses


Area Chair: Dr. Centeno
Power Research
Graduate Power Courses

Computer Engineering

Computer Systems

Area Chair: Dr. Martin
Computer Systems Research


Area Chair: Dr. Yang
Networking Research

Software and Machine Intelligence

Area Chair: Dr. Sandeep Shukla
Software & Machine Intelligence Research

VLSI and Design Automation Area

Area Chair: Dr. Tront
VLSI & Design Automation Research

Graduate Computer Engineering Courses