ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering

2015-2016 Graduate Student Policy Manual - Appendix

A.1 ECE Administrative Graduate Advising Personnel

Blacksburg Campus

Assistant Department Head for Graduate Education: Paul Plassmann

Director of Student Services, Academic & Career Advisor for MEng & M.S., last names T-Z: Leslie Pendleton e-mail (

Academic & Career Advisor for MEng & M.S., last names A-J: Mary Taylor e-mail(

Academic & Career Advisor for MEng & M.S., last names K-S: Amber Fizzano e-mail(

Academic Advisor for direct-Ph.D. & Ph.D.: Cynthia Hopkins e-mail (

Admissions/Recruiting: Brian Quesenberry email(

Extended Campus

Director, National Capital Region: Lamine Mili

Graduate Administrative Program Support for National Capital Region: Cynthia Robinson e-mail (

Director, Extended Campus: Joseph Tront

A.2 ECE Administrative Graduate Admissions/Recruiting Personnel

CPE Admission Officer: Mark Jones

EE Admission Officer: Louis Beex

A.3 ECE Administrative Personnel for GTA Assignments

Assistant Department Head for Undergraduate Education: Jaime De La Ree

Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Department Head: Alice Quesenberry email (

A.4 ECE Administrative Accounting/Payroll Personnel

ECE Business Manager: Kathy Atkins email (

ECE Payroll/Travel: Rebecca Semones email (

ECE Accountant: Kimberly Medley email (

A.5 ECE Administrative Area Committee Chairs

Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering
Computer Systems Tom Martin Communications Allen MacKenzie
Networking Yaling Yang Signals, Systems & Control Louis Beex
Software & Machine Intelligence Binoy Ravindran Electromagnetics Yong Xu
VLSI & Design Automation Joe Tront Electronic Components, Circuits, & Systems Masoud Agah
Power Virgilo Centeno