ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
ECE Faculty

ECE Faculty Honors

National Academy of Engineering

Dushan Boroyevich (2014)
For advancements in control, modeling, and design of electronic power conversion for electric energy and transportation.

Fred C. Lee (2011)
For contributions to high-frequency power conversion and systems integration technologies, education, industry alliances, and technology transfer.

Arun G. Phadke (1993)
For contributions to the field of digital control, protection, and monitoring of power electrical systems.

James S. Thorp (1996)
For contributions to the development of digital techniques for power system protection, monitoring, and control.

IEEE Fellows

Dushan Boroyevich (2006)
For advancement of control, modeling and design of switching power converters.

Charles W. Bostian (1992)
For contributions to and leadership in the understanding of satellite path radio wave propagation.

Gary S. Brown (1986)
For contributions to the understanding and application of electromagnetic scattering from rough surfaces.

Luiz Da Silva (2016)
For contributions to cognitive networks and resource management for wireless networks.

Dong S. Ha (2008)
For leadership in VLSI design and test.

Y. Thomas Hou (2014)
For contributions to modeling and optimization of wireless networks.

Michael S. Hsiao (2013)
For contributions to automatic test pattern generation of integrated circuits.

Jih-Sheng (Jason) Lai (2007)
For contributions to high performance high power inverters.

Fred C. Lee (1990)
For contributions to high-frequency quasi-resonant and multiresonant converters and for the development of a program of engineering education in power electronics.

Luke Lester (2013)
For contributions to quantum dot lasers.

Lamine Mili (2016)
For contributions to robust state estimation for power systems.

Khai Ngo (2015)
For contributions to unified synthesis and modeling of switched-mode converters.

Marius K. Orlowski (1997)
For contributions to the modeling of MOSFET devices and technology.

Arun G. Phadke (1980)
For contributions to the application of digital computers to power systems.

T.-C. Poon (2016)
For contributions to optical image processing and digital holography.

Saifur Rahman (1998)
For contributions to electric power engineering education.

Sanjay Raman (2013)
For leadership in adaptive microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits.

Krishnan Ramu (2001)
For contributions to the development of AC and switched reluctance motor drives.

Jeff Reed (2004)
For contributions to software defined radio.

Sedki M. Riad (1992)
For contributions to time-domain measurement s through physical modeling of sampling devices.

Timothy Sands (2010)
For contributions to metal/semiconductor interfaces and heterogeneous integration.

Sandeep Shukla (2014)
For contributions to applied probabilistic model checking for system design.

Warren Stutzman (1989)
For contributions to wave propagation through the natural environment and antenna synthesis.

James S. Thorp (1989)
For contributions to development of digital techniques for power system protection.

William H. Tranter (1985)
For contributions in communications and signal processing research, and for leadership in engineering education.

Yue (Joseph) Wang (2016)
For contributions to genomic signal analytics and image-based tissue characterization.

Amir I. Zaghloul (1992)
For contributions to the application of phased array antennas to communications satellite systems.

Other Fellows

American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering Fellow
Yue ("Joseph") Wang (2004)

Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Fellow
Amir Zaghloul (2011)

Institute of Physics
Richard Claus (2001)
T.-C. Poon (2014)

OSA Fellow
T.-C. Poon (1998)

SPIE Fellows
Richard Claus (1992)
Luke Lester (2013)
T.-C. Poon (1999)
Anbo Wang (2010)

Technical Society Awards

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Anthony J. Hornfeck Service Award
Krishnan Ramu (2010)

IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award
Saifur Rahman (2010)

IEEE Centennial Medal
Richard Claus (1994)

HKN Technical Achievement Award
Arun Phadke

SPIE Lifetime Achievement Award
Richard Claus (2002)

SPIE Harold E. Edgerton Award
Luke Lester (2012)

ASCE Normal Medal
Richard Claus (1999)

ASME Adaptive Structures and Material Systems Prize
Richard Claus (1998)

Major Teaching and Advising Awards

Virginia Outstanding Teacher Award
Richard Claus (2004)

HKN Outstanding Teaching Award
Dushan Boroyevich (1994)
Richard Claus (1982)

IEEE Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award
James S. Thorp (2006)

Wine Award Winners for a history of teaching excellence
William Baumann (2005)
Charles Bostian (1982)
Tim Pratt (2004)
Jaime De La Ree (2009)

Sporn Award Winners for excellence in introductory courses
Richard Claus (1984)
G.Q. Lu (1995)
Jaime De La Ree (2004)
Jason Thweatt (2002)

Edward S. Diggs Teaching Scholars
Tom Martin (2011)

Provost's Award for Excellence in Advising
Leslie Pendleton (2001)

Award for Exellence in Career Advising
Leslie Pendleton (1993-1994)

Excalibur Award for Teaching with Technology
Tom Martin (2014)
Scott Midkiff (2004)
Joe Tront (2005)

Alumni Award for Excellence in International Education
Sedki Riad (2011)

Pete White Chair for Innovation in Engineering Education
Joe Tront (2010-2012)

Research and Service Awards

Franklin Award
James S. Thorp and Arun Phadke (2008)

Humboldt Foundation Award
Sandeep Shukla (2008)

Virginia Scientist of the the Year
Richard Claus

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
Tom Martin (2006)
Sanjay Raman (2000)
Sandeep Shukla (2004)

Masoud Agah (2008)
Jo Baker (2012)
Dhruv Batra (2014)
Thomas Hou (2004)
Michael Hsaio (2001)
Mark Jones (1997)
Luke Lester (1995)
G.Q. Lu (1995)
Tom Martin (2005)
Allen MacKenzie (2005)
Leyla Nazhandali (2008)
Devi Parikh (2016)
Jung-Min Park (2008)
Sanjay Raman (1999)
Walid Saad (2013)
Patrick Schaumont (2007)
Sandeep Shukla (2002)
Dan Stilwell (2003)
Chao Wang (2012)
Yong Xu (2007)
Yaling Yang (2011)

Army Research Office (ARO) Young Investigator Awards
Dhruv Batra (2014)
Devi Parikh (2014)

Office of Naval Research (ONR) Young Investigator Awards
Thomas Hou (2003)
Dan Stillwell (2003)
Chao Wang (2013)

NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow Award
Louis Guido (1992)

NSF Young Investigator Award
Lamine Mili (1993)

Alumni Distinguished Professors
Charles Bostian (Emeritus)

University Distinguished Professors
Fred Lee
Arun Phadke (Emeritus)

Alumni Research Award Winners
Richard Claus (1994)
Fred Lee (1990)