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Louis Guido

Photograph of Louis GuidoOffice: 202-A Holden
Mailing Address: 302 Whittemore (0111)
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Tel: (540) 231-3551
Fax: (540) 231-8919 Email: louis.guido

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Title: Associate Professor
(Jointly appointed with MSE)

Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1989
M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois, 1983
B.S., Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of New York, 1982

Teaching Interests:
Semiconductors and Microelectronics, Power Electronics, Photonics and Optics, and Circuits and Electronics

Research Interests:
Semiconductors and Microelectronics, Power Electronics, Photonics and Optics , and Circuits and Electronics

Selected Grants:
  • “GaN-on-Metal Power Devices” / Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund / VTech Funding Award = $150,000 / PI = Guido (100%) / Performance Period = August 1, 2012 to July 31, 2013.
  • “Ultra-Low-Power Indium Arsenide Nitride Semiconductor Transistors” / NSF (SBIR – Phase II) / Subcontract from QuantTera, Inc. / VTech Funding Award = $187,000 / PI = Guido (100%) / Performance Period = November 1, 2011 to October 31, 2013.
  • “Indium Nitride Quantum Dot Solar Cells” / NASA (STTR – Phase II) / Subcontract from Kopin Corporation / VTech Funding Award = $180,000 over 2 years / PI = Guido (100%) / Performance Period = September 5, 2008 to September 4, 2010.
Selected Publications:
  • R. Welser, A. Sood, O. Laboutin, L. J. Guido, N. Dhar, and P. Wijewarnasuriya, “Quantum Well and Quantum Dot Energy Harvesting Devices,” SPIE Defense Security Symposium (paper 8035-52), Orlando, Florida, April 2011.
  • R. Welser, A. Sood, Y. Puri, O. Laboutin, L. J. Guido, N. Dhar, and P. Wijewarnasuriya, “High-Efficiency InN-based Quantum Dot Solar Cells for Defense Applications,” Proceedings of the SPIE, vol. 7683, pp. 76830R 1-7, April 2010.
  • L. J. Guido, “Impurity-Induced and Impurity-Free Layer Disordering,” Proceedings of the Nick Holonyak, Jr. 80th Birthday Symposium, vol. University of Illinois Press, 2009.
  • R. Kini, K. Nantapot, G. Khodaparast, and L. J. Guido, “Time Resolved Measurements of Spin and Carrier Dynamics in InAs Thin Films,” Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 103, pp. 064318, 2008.
  • M. Gherasimova, R. Wheeler, L. J. Guido, K. Chang, and K. Hsieh, “Arsenic Incorporation Behavior in Nitrogen-Rich GaNAs Alloys Synthesized by MOVPE,” MRS Symposium Proceedings, vol. 798, pp. Y10.41.1-Y10.41.6, 2004.
  • B. Dickerson, B. Heath, L. J. Guido, K. Stevens, C. Lutz, E. Rehder, and R. Welser, “GaInP/GaInAsN/GaAs N-p-N Bipolar Transistors: Influence of Base Layer Composition and Alloy Grading on Device Performance,” International Conference on GaAs Manufacturing Technology, vol. GaAs MANTECH Technical Digest, 2003.
  • B. Gaffey, L. J. Guido, X. W. Wang, and T-P. Ma, “High-Quality Oxide/Nitride/Oxide Gate Insulator for GaN MIS Devices,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 48, no. 3, pp. 458-464, 2001.
  • N. Rex, R. Chang, and L. J. Guido, “Threshold Lowering in GaN Micropillar Lasers by Means of Spatially Selective Optial Pumping,” IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 13, pp. 1-3, 2001.
  • S. Chang, N. Rex, R. Chang, G. Chong, and L. J. Guido, “Stimulated Emission and Lasing in Whispering Gallery Modes of GaN Microdisk Cavities,” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 75, pp. 166-168, 1999.
  • L. J. Guido, P. Mitev, M. Gherasimova, and B. Gaffey, “Electronic Properties of Arsenic-doped Gallium Nitride,” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 72, pp. 2005-2007, 1998.