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Spring 2001



Tech Gets $2.55 Million Networking Contract to Make Internet Accessible, Train Researchers

The National Science Foundation has awarded Virginia Tech a $2.55 million contract for an education and research program aimed at making the Internet more accessible and developing Ph.D.s who have the needed multidisciplinary background to meet the challenges in advanced networking.

The Integrated Research and Education in Advanced Networking (IREAN) program, directed by Scott Midkiff, is conducting multidisciplinary research on advanced networking topics, including broadband wireless access, mobile access to Internet resources, Internet appliances, network security, quality of service, and management of large-scale networks.

"These topics represent key barriers to making the Internet the common, ubiquitous, and global communications infrastructure of the future," Midkiff said.
Up to 20 students will participate in the program, with five or six Ph.D. graduates expected per year. About one-third of the IREAN fellows will conduct research and take courses at the Alexandria Research Institute, Midkiff said. In addition to research, the IREAN fellows will work on distributed, interdisciplinary teams.

"Experience and knowledge in critical areas is not enough," he said. "Researchers must be able to work in multidisciplinary teams that are often geographically distributed and culturally diverse. They must be able to consider global, economic, and regulatory factors in their research, and communicate effectively in a variety of settings," he continued. "The program should create the environment in which our students can gain these perspectives and skills," he said.

Each student will also be encouraged to complete at least one internship with an industry or government partner.

Other department faculty members involved in the program are Charles Bostian, Luiz DaSilva, Nat Davis, and Bill Tranter. Faculty members from computer science, industrial and systems engineering, finance, economics, and marketing are also involved.

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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