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March 1998


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BSEE/BSCpE Requirements Changed

The Department has revised the undergraduate curriculum, reducing the number of required credit hours, reconfiguring courses, and eliminating duplication of material among the courses.

Beginning this past fall, freshman EE and CpE students generally follow Tech's common first-year engineering curriculum, with the insertion of a full-semester programming/problem-solving course, currently based on the C++ language. Also, EE and CpE students now take the University Physics series, including a laboratory.

Several courses are no longer required, including a second Chemistry course, Statics, Dynamics, Solid State Physics, and Heat Transfer. Students pursuing a CpE degree are longer required to take the Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Theory, the second digital course, or a second Microprocessor System Design course. All of these courses are now available as career path electives.

All EE and CpE students are now required to take Microprocessor System Design (ECpE 4535). The course will be expanded to five credits and be designated a University writing intensive course.

A number of courses have been redesigned to incorporate different material, including Communications Systems and the power engineering series.

"These changes were made by the faculty to reflect the many changes in our field in recent years," commented Professor Butch Nunnally, associate Department Head. "We believe, for example, that it is more critical for every one of our students to have knowledge and experience in microprocessor design than in dynamics.

"I'd like to emphasize, however, that the new curriculum represents the minimum requirements to get a Virginia Tech BSEE or BSCpE degree. We hope and expect most students to go beyond these minimum requirements and take advantage of the plethora of courses we offer to broaden and deepen their knowledge."

Transition to the new curriculum began last fall, and is being implemented at different levels for each class. The class of 2001 will be the first class to fully integrate the entire new curriculum.


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