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March 1998


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Modular Off-Campus MS Programs Proposed

The Department is proposing leading the development of a new interdisciplinary Master of Information Technology, along with continuing education programs, to help the state meet its critical need for workers with networks, communications and software expertise.

The new programs in networking, computer engineering, software, wireless communications, and business would be offered on-site at the Northern Virginia Campus in Falls Church and state-wide through the use of the Net.Work.Virginia network.

The graduate programs would be offered as modular series of eight-week, 1.5-credit courses. Completion of three of the five modules, plus 4.5 semester units of projects and seminars would fulfill the MS degree requirements.

Certificates would be awarded to students upon completion of any one of the modules, so that participants can certify their progress in a tangible way. The degree programs are designed to allow students to complete individual modules for certification in a timely manner.

"We are proposing these programs in response to Virginia's critical needs for skilled workers in these areas in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, and the Greater Richmond area," said Department Head Leonard Ferrari.

"All of our projections show that the growth of these technology jobs in these fields is outstripping the State's current educational capacity," he added.

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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