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January 1999



In This Issue

Student Projects and Activities

Out of the Suitcase - For their final design project in Microprocessor System Design, two students went a step beyond developing a system using the microcontroller suitcase kit. They mounted their microcontroller on a remote-controlled car.

Microprocessor Design Helps Hone Writing Skills - Microprocessor System Design has been designated a required course for all EE and CpE students graduating in May 1999 or later. This course has been a requirement for CpEs for many years, and is currently the Department's writing-intensive course.

DISC Delves into 3-D, Wireless, Databases - Students in the Distributed Information Systems Corporation (DISC) are delving into 3-D imaging, wireless communications, and database structures as they develop products for medical information systems.

Programming Team Advances to World Finals - David Mayhew (CpE, '97), a master's student in computer engineering, is leading the Virginia Tech programming team to the international Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) competition in the Netherlands this April.


Research News

Cleaning Up With Robotics - When Richmond-based CyberClean Co. wanted to develop an automated vacuum machine, it turned to Virginia Tech robotics researchers for help and established a subsidiary called Servus Robots to be located at the Blacksburg Corporate Research Center.

New Photonics Lab Works on Sensors for Harsh Environments - The Department has established a new laboratory to develop photonic sensors for harsh environments.

New Internet Technology Center Seeks to Nurture Growing Industry - A new research center to assist companies with the development and deployment of Internet products and services has been established by Virginia's Center for Innovation Technology (CIT)


Department News

ECE Goes Global - Virginia Tech ECpE students and faculty have increasing opportunities for international study, collaboration, and co-op work thanks to recent efforts to forge ties with universities worldwide.


Alumni News

Alumnus Helps Streamline Personal Telecommunications - Virginia Tech alumnus Randy Persinger (BSEE, '76, MSEE, '78) is de facto chief engineer for a satellite program that could streamline personal telecommunications - giving customers the ability to use one telephone, on number, any time, anywhere.


Faculty News

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