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Electrical and Computer Engineering
& Industrial/Economic Development

 Spring 1996


Introduction -
Industrial/Economic Development

Engineering and industrial and economic development are forever intertwined, and the Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering has a tradition of strong industrial relationships. Our undergraduate program emphasizes basic concepts and state-of-the-art issues, and our graduates typically take jobs in high-tech businesses. Our research programs grapple with issues that are pertinent to industry today. Most important, the Department has strong education and research programs in the areas that are currently Virginia's major growth industries - putting us in an excellent position to contribute to the economic growth of the Commonwealth.

This report explores the relationship between the Department and industrial development. In the following pages you will meet a firm that was started from one of our research groups and is now the fastest growing high-tech company in the state. You will see how teams from across the Department are helping large and small businesses develop technology to improve their global competitiveness. You can also read how the Department is changing its educational and outreach programs to fit the needs of industry, and how our student project efforts help students develop critical teamwork skills and systems integration experience.

The Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
Virginia Tech

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