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Electrical and Computer Engineering
& Industrial/Economic Development

 Spring 1996


In This Issue


Home Grown Success - A small firm started part-time to market equipment based on Department research is now the fastest growing high-tech company in Virginia.

New Wave Wireless Services - A quick look at projects under development by Virginia Tech researchers, including a wireless local loop effort and a one-way wireless network that would offer multiple services.

Driving Down the Cost of Electric Vehicles - Virginia Tech power electronics faculty, students, and researchers are part of a university/industry team to reduce the cost of electric vehicles.

If Machines Could See - Heavy industry wants to develop computer systems that can "see" -- and they are turning to Virginia Tech computer vision experts for help.

Suiting Up for Changing Industrial Climates - A changing industrial climate directly influences Virginia Tech's education and research programs -- such as with an expansion of computer and electrical engineering programs in Northern Virginia and new Department initiatives in microelectronics.

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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