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February 1997



1997 Symposia/Conferences

The 7th Annual Wireless Personal Communications Symposium hosted by the Mobile & Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG) will be held at Virginia Tech on June 11 - 13, 1997. Contact: Jenny Frank, e-mail -mprg@vt.edu, phone - 757-686-3765.

The 10th Annual Fiber Optics Review Conference hosted by the Fiber & Electro-Optics Research Center (FEORC), will be held on April 15 - 16. Contact: Linda Jones, phone - 540-231-7203, e-mail - lmjones@vt.edu.

The 15th Annual Power Electronics Seminar will be hosted by the Virginia Power Electronics Center (VPEC) on September 14-16 at Virginia Tech. Contact: Linda Fitzgerald, phone - 540-231-8115, e-mail - lrfitz@vt.edu; or Teresa Shaw, phone - 540-231-4527, e-mail - tshaw@vt.edu.
















The Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
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