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February 1997



Department seeks partners
for Alliance for Excellence

The Department is seeking corporate partners for its Alliance for Excellence in Education. The Alliance has been established to increase contact between industry and the Department's best students and to increase the number of scholarships and fellowships available for academically superior students.

At present, the Department offers Virginia Tech's most prestigious scholarships and fellowships through the Bradley Endowment, which was established in 1987 with a grant from the late Marion Bradley Via. Continued contributions by the Via family have increased the endowment to more than $10 million, which has enabled the Department to successfully compete for some of the brightest students in the nation. The Bradley Scholarships provide full support for three years of undergraduate study, and the Bradley Fellowships provide tuition, fees and living stipend for M.S. and Ph.D. students.

"The current endowment allows for the generous support of a small percentage of the talented students who are eligible to apply," said Department Head Leonard Ferrari. "However, one of our highest priorities is to increase the number of scholarships and fellowships that we can offer," he said.

"Through the Alliance for Excellence in Education, we hope to leverage the funds from the endowment to be able to offer more students support. Each corporate partner would be asked to contribute one half the award for an undergraduate's final two years of study or a shared amount of a two-year sponsorship of an exceptional master's student." Companies would be matched with scholars who share their interests, which would facilitate internships, co-op assignments and future recruitment.







The Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
Virginia Tech

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