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February 1997



Advisory Board guides,
assists Department

The Department's Advisory Board has formed subcommittees to assist the Department in several key areas. "These subcommittees will focus on working with the Department to leverage the superior work being done in wireless communication; establishing systems level views in the curriculum; and advising and mentoring the Virtual Corporation projects," said Mandel Dudley ('81), chair.

The Advisory Board is a group of alumni and Department friends that provides guidance and assistance to the Department in achieving a national reputation in scholarship and research.

 Advisory Board

James B. Carpenter ('61)
Senior Vice President
NEC America, Inc.
Marvin L. Johnson ('64)
Associated Power
G. Mandel Dudley ('81)
Department Manager
Lockheed Martin
Federal Systems
Robert E. Lambert ('79)
Sr. Vice President,
New Technology & Development
The Walt Disney Company
Robert B. Fetter ('45)
Retired, Professor
of Health Care Management
Yale University
Thomas C. Ligon ('58)
Vice President, Manager
- Naval Systems
Raytheon Electronic Systems
James K. George, Jr. ('64)
Corporate Vice President
& General Manager
Imaging and Storage Div.
Donald W. Mayberry ('65)
Vice President -
Research and Tests
Norfolk Southern Corp.
Robert M. Ginnings
Hekimian Laboratories, Inc.
C. Jackson Norris ('73, IE)
Vice President,
Global Engineering Services,
Denny Hylton
Retired, Vice President
for Research & Development
Bell Atlantic Corp.
Edward G. Tiedemann, Jr. ('75)
Vice President, Technology
Qualcomm, Inc.
Donna M. Imrich ('82)
Member of Technical Staff
Alan Truman ('80)
Distributed Network Systems
Bay Networks
Daniel S. Jarrett ('74)
Jarrett Electric Company, Inc.
Michael A. Walker ('73)
Division Engineering
Frito Lay, Inc.
Thomas Jermoluk ('78, CS)
President and
Chief Executive Officer
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The Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
Virginia Tech

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