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August 1997


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Consortium for Wireless R&D Established

The Center for Wireless Telecommunications (CWT) has established a Consortium for Research and Engineering of Wireless Systems (CREWS) to enable its researchers to help firms solve design and development problems involving wireless products.

The establishment of the consortium accommodates the University's, semester-based calendar to the fast pace of development in the wireless telecommunications field.

"We've had a number of requests from companies wanting R&D help with wireless systems," said Professor Charles W. Bostian, CWT director. "The problem has been that many of the projects do not match the University's calendar. Many companies cannot wait for the next semester to start before their project can go forward."

The consortium establishes a base of general support from members that will provide evaluation and prototype equipment and guarantee funding for a number of student researchers.

"We are starting with guaranteed full-year support for three student researchers," said Willard "Woody" Farley, assistant director for CWT. "In addition, evaluation and prototype equipment supplied by CREWS members allows rapid prototyping and parallel software development.

This means that when a project comes along, we already have the people, expertise and equipment, and can get to work on it immediately," he explained. For more information, contact Farley at (540) 231-5495.

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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