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August 1997


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Virtual Corporations
Recruiting Students

Students are being recruited for two virtual corporations - the Distributed Information Systems Corporation (DISC) and the Personal Electric Rapid Transit Systems Corporation (PERTS).

The student-run virtual corporations provide an educational experience that goes beyond conventional student projects. Participating students work closely with faculty and industrial advisors in corporate-style organizations to develop commercially viable projects within actual markets.

DISC and PERTS are seeking engineering, business, and arts and science students to fill positions throughout both organizations. During the fall 1997 semester, the corporations expect to select corporate officials and define their structure, in addition to beginning technical and business development work.

Interested students are being interviewed by faculty members in order to match interests and backgrounds to technical areas and roles within the corporations.

Participants earn course credit for their work through various methods. The ECE Department is offering credit for work on DISC through independent study courses EE2974, EE3974 and EE4974. The Computer Science Department also offers two special studies courses for DISC, CS2984 and CS4984. Students in other departments may sign up for one of these, do an independent study, or make other arrangements through their home departments.


The DISC team will be developing a medical information system that would integrate multimedia data ranging from paper notes to real-time monitoring images with on-site hospital and remote access for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others involved in patient care. The system not only will give decision-makers speedy and accurate information, but would help them with intelligent decision-support systems.

Initially DISC will be working with the College of Veterinary Medicine and focus on a cytology laboratory system.


The PERTS team will be designing a prototype dual-mode rapid transit system proposed to run between downtown Blacksburg and a nearby shopping complex. The system will involve electric passenger vehicles operating under their own power for short distances, or hooking up to a monorail system for high-speed, long-distance transport.

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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