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August 1997


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Motorola Donation to Aid Radio Lab

Motorola equipment


EE Alumna Christa Chatzipetros, Senior Electrical Engineer with Motorola, tests equipment recently donated by the firm to the Radio Laboratory. The equipment will be used primarily for the popular Radio Engineering course.


Undergraduates and researchers using test equipment in the Department's Radio Engineering Laboratory have greater flexibility in meeting their tasks, thanks to a recent equipment donation by Motorola North American Paging Subscriber Division.

In February, the Motorola group donated a variety of equipment to the laboratory, including a spectrum analyzer with optional plug-ins and tracking generators, digital volt meters, counters, and a high-end signal generator. "This new equipment enhances the capabilities of what we had in the laboratory," said Professor Bill Davis, laboratory director. "It gives students greater choice and flexibility in how they will measure and adjust their designs. This, in the end, improves their capability, experience and learning."

The laboratory is used primarily by undergraduate students taking the popular Radio Engineering Laboratory, in which they build a high-frequency radio receiver using modern components. Students work in an industrial team approach, with the emphasis on developing a working receiver on schedule and under budget.

Virginia Tech is one of only a handful of universities with RF circuit design programs, and students who have taken the program have been heavily recruited by industry.

The equipment donation was arranged by two Tech alumni, Motorola Senior Product Manager Russ Strobel (EE, '75) and Development Engineering Manager Tom Nolan (EE, '83). Strobel recalled his undergraduate communications courses, and said that it gives him "a great sense of personal pride to arrange for this equipment to come to Virginia Tech."

"Virginia Tech continues to be one of our best resources for Electrical Engineering graduates particularly in the RF field. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the university," said Nolan.

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