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August 1997


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In This Issue

Student Projects and Activities

Virtual Corporations Recruiting Students - Two student-run virtual corporations are recruiting students to help design real products for actual markets. The virtual corporations are currently designing a medical information system and a prototype dual-mode rapid transit system.

Cockroach Car Ties for First Place in University Research Symposium - A student's project to test the ability of muscle action to control the motion of a vehicle used insect power.

VTCAD Developed for Electronics Class - Students taking EE 4214 Electronics performed 2-D and 3-D simulations of semiconductor devices using professional workstation software that was adapted to a web browser format.

CVTS to Help Towns With Cellular Issues - A group of EE students is developing usable procedures and questions for local communities to assure that a communications company has selected the best place for its proposed antenna.


Research News

Researchers Developing Flexible Radio Based on Reconfigurable Computing - Department communications and computer engineering researchers are developing a low-power, high-data-rate, programmable radio that will automatically adapt wireless devices to different military and commercial standards.

FEORC Nano-Manufacturing Processes Could Alter Semiconductors, Windshields - Department researchers have developed the ability to produce 2-nanometer-sized particles within a tight size distribution, and a self-assembly process for coating based on the ultra-small particles.

Consortium for Wireless R&D Established - The Center for Wireless Telecommunications has established a consortium to enable its researchers to help firms solve design and development problems involving wireless products.


Alumni News

Alumnus Works to Improve Fiber Capability at Bell Labs - Ashish Vengsarkar (MSEE, '88, Ph.D., '91), a technical manager at Bell Labs, has been responsible for developing and working on a number of commercially successful products.


Department News

Letter from the Department Head

Motorola Donation to Aid Radio Lab

Department Sponsors Pilot Programs to Encourage Women EEs and CpEs

Student Awards

Faculty News

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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