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August 1997


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Student Awards

Vivek Arya has received the 1997 Outstanding International Graduate Student Award. Arya is a doctoral candidate and research associate at FEORC, and has made innovative research contributions on a broad range of optical fiber instrumentation, sensor, and communications projects. He has been involved in nearly 50 publications, and has previously won the College of Engineering Torgersen M.S. Research Excellence Awards and the IEEE VMS 1995 Student Paper Award.


Concha Callwood was chosen as one of 56 U.S. students to participate in the 1997 NSF Summer Institute in Japan program. She is the first graduate student to participate in an exchange with Tokyo Electric Power Company. Callwood is a Ph.D. student concentrating in alternative energy systems. Her work in Japan is focused on U.S. and Japanese methods of reducing end-use energy consumption.

The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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