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Special Report
New Faculty Members

 April 1999





in electrical and computer engineering at VirginiaTech have been increasing dramatically. The past three years have also seen a tripling in research funding, and an expansion of our educational programs across the state. In response, the Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering has hired 12 new faculty members and is recruiting six more in strategic areas. Our new faculty members are specialists in computer engineering and software, communications, fiber optics, electronics, and controls. They are eager to enhance our curriculum programs and develop new areas of exploration.

In this report, we introduce our new faculty members...

1998 Highlights

  • The NSF established the Center for Power Electronics Systems at Virginia Tech.


  • Virginia Tech purchased four wireless service regions to use as a research testbed.


  • The NRL awarded FEORC a $9.6 million contract to develop optical fibers, fiber optic sensors, and nonlinear optical devices.


  • The Alexandria Research Institute opened.


  • Virtual Corporation students developed the world's first electric propulsion systems using a switched reluctance actuator.


  • EE and CpE students took top honors in the Future Car Challenge, the International Ground Robotics Competition, the TI Challenge, and the ACM programming contest.


  • The university started its graduate program in information technology (GPIT).






The Bradley Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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