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Special Report
New Faculty Members

 April 1999




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Special Report on New Faculty Members

Single Chip Radios- Sanjay Raman's fascination with technology has led him into work attempting to develop single-chip radios for commercial applications.

The Power of Electronics - A power electronics expert, Jason Lai enjoys building systems that range from electric utility products for power quality to soft switch choppers for magnetic levitation.

Unanswered Questions - One of Bell Labs' fiber optics pioneers, Roger Stolen has joined the faculty and is pursuing a host of unanswered optics questions.

Design, Prototypes, and Virtual Laboratories - William Tranter, the Bradley Professor of Communications, is a prolific textbook author and winner of numerous teaching awards.

Channels of Communication - Amy Bell, a specialist in digital signal processing, is investigating applying wavelets to signal compression for applications such as multimedia Internet.

A Passion for Outer Space - A strong interest in outer space led Jeremy Allnut into a 30-year career in satellite communications.

When a Best Effort Isn't Good Enough - For Luiz DaSilva, best effort computer network service is not good enough -- and he is working to improve integrated networks.

Combating Neglect - In computer hardware development, software issues are often neglected, according to James (Mac) Baker, who is working to bridge the hardware and software communities through his teaching and research.

The Tower of Power - High Performance computation has taken Mark Jones into the world of parallel reconfigurable computers - and he is making sure his undergraduate and graduate students go with him.

Real-Time Middleware - Binoy Ravindran is delving into the world of middleware, the layer of software housed between operating systems and applications, in an effort to develop real-time systems using commercially available, off-the-shelf technologies.

A Focus on the Practical - Pushkin Kachroo, a specialist in controls, artificial intelligence, and robotics, believes that engineering research should focus on problems with practical applications.


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