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Special Report
Interdisciplinary Activities and Programs

 April 1998


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Letter from the Department Head

Letter from the Chair of the Advisory Board


Special Report on Information Technology

Enthusiasm, Motivation and the Virtual Corporation - If student enthusiasm is any indication, Virginia Tech's virtual corporation may prove to be the ultimate in multidisciplinary projects.

Mechatronics - It's All in the Interface - Tech's Mechatronics program involves a blurring of the traditional mechanical and electrical/computer engineering fields, as students gain experience designing "smart" devices and systems.

Is it Doable AND Marketable? - A Virginia Tech research group formed a team of business and engineering students, and asked for a state-of-the-art product development with a defined market.

Scanning Lumber to Make the Grade - Work being down by a team of Virginia Tech forestry, software, and computer engineering experts may help the lumber industry realize value gains of up to 30 percent while conserving timber supplies.

Fiber Sensors Go for the Black Gold - Department fiber optics and photonics researchers, working with geologists and petroleum engineers, have developed a fiber sensor that can withstand the harsh environment in an oil well where conventional sensors are difficult to apply.

Concrete Clues - Ongoing research on the dielectric properties of concrete by a Virginia Tech team of electrical and civil engineers may help to increase the life and safety of the nation's concrete structures.

Power Electronics - When Building Blocks Require a Team of Experts - Virginia Tech power electronics researchers are teaming with mechanical engineers and materials scientists to design state-of-the-art high-power devices.

Wireless + Transportation: It's More Than Just Cell Phones - Due to recent advances in wireless telecommunications, the transportation industry is using more wireless technology and is becoming a major focus for communications research and development.

The Bradley Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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