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Special Report
Information Technology

 April 1997


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Letter from the Department Head

Letter from the Chair of the Advisory Board


Special Report on Information Technology

Power and the Gigahertz Chip ­ Virginia Tech EEs are a leading force in the effort to develop new techniques for providing power to the next generation microprocessor.

EE Goes Soft ­ Through the use of computer languages, such as VHDL, engineers can build soft prototypes to check their logic instead of using hardware prototypes. This saves time and money.

Software Radios: The End of Outdated Cell Phones ­ DSP chips are poised to change wireless communications ­ and Virginia Tech students are pioneers in both the research and education aspects.

Links to a More Reliable Power Network ­ Advances in information and communications technology ­ including a GPS system developed by Tech engineers ­ can improve the reliability, quality, and efficiency of electric power networks.

High-Speed Computers Tackle Rough Ocean Surfaces ­ Powerful computers are helping electromagnetics researchers to understand the effects of electromagnetic scattering off of rough ocean surfaces.

Dust Clouds of Ice ­ With the use of supercomputers, Department researchers have been involved in the first simulation of the Space Shuttle generating electromagnetic puffs of dust. These ice clouds interfere with communications systems.

Computers and Engineering: Instructional Boon or Crutch? ­ A discussion of the benefits and challenges in using computers in engineering education.

The Case of the Long-Distance Learner ­ A discussion of the state of the technology and appropriate use of distance learning in engineering education.

A Cyber-Experiment in C++ ­ The Department's first Internet-based course.

The Cyber-Bridge ­ The University's proposed Advanced Communications & Information Center.

The Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
Virginia Tech

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