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Special Report ­
Information Technology

 April 1997



From the Chair of the Advisory Board...

Dudley photoThe Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering Advisory Board's mission is to provide advice and support to the Department on existing and proposed educational and academic programs and other activities. The Advisory Board is committed to working with the Department Head and the Dean of Engineering to ensure that the Department continues to be one of the top departments of electrical and computer engineering in the nation. This issue of the Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering Annual Report focuses on information technology and describes some of the activities within the Department in this area.

The Department has benefited from close relationships with industry and its faculty recognizes that managing and leveraging information technology is as important to success as using the technologies of computer design and architecture, networking and communications, algorithm development and simulation. The Department is continuing to recruit and attract talented faculty in areas related to information technology in order to meet the demands for this expertise.

The Advisory Board formed three committees in 1996 to assist the Department. A System Level Thinking & Curriculum Committee will review the telecommunications content and focus within the curriculum. This committee will also provide recommendations on other course-related issues. A Wireless Communications Committee will work to help leverage the Department's leadership position in wireless communications, along with involvement with some exciting initiatives in distance learning associated with the wireless area. A Virtual Corporation Committee was formed to support what the Board unanimously agreed is an excellent idea. The Virtual Corporation program provides students the opportunities to work together on projects with all of the demands of actual projects (cost, schedule, marketing inputs, staffing requirements, etc.). The committee will be providing guidance and support to the Virtual Corporation program.

This is truly an exciting time to be associated with the Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering. Because of the excellence required of all students, the outstanding faculty and staff, the constantly improving facilities, and corporate affiliates, the electrical and computer engineers from Virginia Tech are continuing to produce results that gain national recognition. Now, more than ever, the Department needs the support and ideas of all alumni, associates, and friends.

I am confident that as you review this year's report, you will be impressed with the accomplishments, the vision and the direction of the Department. I encourage each of you to take a few minutes to contact a faculty member or staff member and share your ideas, questions, or concerns, but most of all, I encourage you to stay connected!

Mandel Dudley
The Advisory Board
The Bradley Department
of Electrical Engineering

The Bradley Department of Electrical Engineering
Virginia Tech

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