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Special Report
Bradley Fellow/Scholar Alumni

 April 2001


Ph.D. Degrees Awarded 1999/2000


Moatasse M. AbdAllah
Dissertation: A Study in Speaker Dependent Medium Vocabulary Word Recognition: Application to Human/Computer Interface.
Committee Chair: H. VanLandingham

Avsen Arsov
Dissertation: Electromagnetic Transient and Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a StatCom/SMES Compensator in Power Systems.
Committee Chair: Y. Liu

Rusty Baldwin
Dissertation: Improving the Real-Time Performance of a Wireless Local Area Network.
Committee Chair: N.J. Davis, IV

Fred D. Barlow
Dissertation: Electronic Packaging Strategies for High Current DC to DC Converters
Committee Chair: A. Elshabini

Neiyer S. Correal
Dissertation: Efficient Interference Cancellation Techniques for Advanced DS/CDMA Receivers
Committee Chair: B.D. Woerner

Carl B. Dietrich
Dissertation: Adaptive Arrays and Diversity Antenna Configurations for Handheld Wireless Communication Terminals
Committee Chair: W.L. Stutzman

Richard B. Ertel
Dissertation: Antenna Array Systems: Propagation and Performance
Committee Chair: J.H. Reed

Richard W. Hoagland
Dissertation: Switch Mode Power Supply Miniaturization with Emphasis on Integrated Passive Components on Prefined High Performance Ceramic Substrates
Committee Chair: A. Elshabini

Carl P. Jacobson
Dissertation: Code Division Multiplexing of Fiber Optic and Microelectro-mechanical Systems (MEMS) Sensors
Committee Chair: R.O. Claus

Hanbin Kim
Dissertation: High-Level Synthesis and Implementation of Built-In Self-Testable Data Path Intensive Circuits
Committee Chair: D.S. Ha

Dong H. Lee
Dissertation: A Power Conditioning System for Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage Based on Multi-Level Voltage Source Converter
Committee Chair: F.C. Lee

Qiang Lu
Dissertation: The Utility of X-ray Dual-Energy Transmission and Scatter Technologies for Illicit Material Detection
Committee Chair: R.W. Conners

Nitin R. Mangalved
Dissertation: Development and Analysis of Adaptive Interference Rejection Techniques for Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access Systems
Committee Chair: J.H. Reed

Jiuping Pan
Dissertation: DADM Framework for Strategic Resource Planning of Electric Utilities
Committee Chair: S. Rahman

Jai H. Park
Dissertation: Chebyshev Approximation of Discrete Polynomials and Splines
Committee Chair: L.A. Ferrari

Gouda I Salama
Dissertation: Monocular and Binocular Visual Tracking
Committee Chair: A.L. Abbott

Sundar G. Sankaran
Dissertation: On Ways to Improve Adaptive Filter Performance
Committee Chair: A.A. Beex

Peiiun Shan
Dissertation: Time-Varying Autore-gressive Model-Based Signal Processing with Applications to Interference Rejection in Spread Spectrum Communications
Committee Chair: A.A. Beex

Hussein Taha
Dissertation: Extraction of 3D Object Representations for a Single Range Image
Committee Chair: A.L. Abbott

Matthew C. Valenti
Dissertation: Iterative Detection and Decoding for Wireless Communications
Committee Chair: B.D. Woerner

Yufei Wu
Dissertation: Implementation of Parallel and Serial Concatenated Convolutional Codes
Committee Chair: B.D. Woerner

Kun Xing
Dissertation: Modeling Analysis and Design of Distributed Power Electronics System Based on Building Block Concept
Committee Chair: F.C. Lee

Hao Xu
Dissertation: Terrestrial Radio Wave Propagation at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies
Committee Chair: T.S. Rappaport

Budong You
Dissertation: Investigation of MoS-Gated Thyristors and Power Midodes
Committee Chair: Q. Huang

Gaguk Zakaria
Dissertation: Cascade RLS with Subsection Adaptation
Committee Chair: A.A. Beex

Xunwei Zhou
Dissertation: Low-Voltage, High-Efficiency, Fast-Transient Voltage Regulator Modules
Committee Chair: F.C. Lee


The Bradley Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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