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Special Report
Bradley Fellow/Scholar Alumni

 April 2001


2000 ECE Patent Awards


"Telecommunication Network with Mobile Voice Conferencing System & Method," A. Mishra

"Three-dimensional Holographic Fluorescence Microscopy," T.-C. Poon, B. D. Schilling, G. Indebetouw, and B. Storrie.

"Self-Calibrating Optical Fiber Pressure, Strain, and Temperature Sensors," A. Wang, J. Wang, W. Zhao, and H. Xiao.

"Semiconductor Structures with Trench Contacts," A.Q. Huang.

"Power Supply for Supplying AC Output Power," W. Chen, F.C. Lee, K. Nishiura, T. Yamauchi, Y. Murakami, M. Maehara.

"Trench Contact Process," A.Q. Huang.

"Single-Stage Input Current Shaping Technique With Voltage-Doubler Rectifier Front-End," F.C. Lee, J. Zhang.

"Trimmed Foursquare Antenna Radiating Element," J. Randall Nealy, M.J. Monkevich, W.L. Stutzman, W.A. Davis.


The Bradley Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

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