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Special Report
Bradley Fellow/Scholar Alumni

 April 2001


Digital Library Targeted at Practicing Engineers

Researchers at the Alexandria Research Institute are developing the Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology.

Department members at the Alexandria Research Institute are managing a project to develop a web-based collection of engineering and technology-related content. The Digital Library Network for Engineering and Technology (DLNET) is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and targeted at practicing engineers and technologists to facilitate lifelong learning.

DLNET is a collaborative effort of four institutions: American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), Institute of the Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Iowa State University and Virginia Tech. As a digital library, DLNET will provide services to the user seeking information and knowledge while, at the same time, building up and maintaining a high-quality collection and connection. The DLNET interface, or portal, will consist of a web-based application that will enable content discovery through search and retrieval of local storage as well as by networking with external sources. http://www.dlnet.vt.edu.


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