ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
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ECE Technical Support

To receive computer assistance, report a building problem, obtain keys and keypad codes, or ask about shop services; email the Tech Support Staff

Location: 234 Whittemore Hall
Director: Dennis Newman
phone: 231-5666
email the Tech Support Staff

The ECE Technical Support staff supports departmental teaching labs, research labs, computer systems, building(s) access, building renovation, building maintenance, machine work and Engineering consulting. Copying services are also provided for class material. Any requests should be directed to the ECE Tech staff at 231-5666 or by email.

The ECE Technical Support Team has a Helpdesk website at

Log in using your Virginia Tech PID and password to create a trouble ticket or Tech Support request.

The primary functions of the shop are:

  • Arrange maintenance and repair of ECE building facilities and systems in Whittemore and Durham.
  • Maintain, supervise and teach undergraduate labs
  • Maintain laboratory parts inventory, and a wide variety of teaching lab parts inventory
  • Distribute and repair student projects kits (approximately 600 kits and suitcases go in/out each semester)
  • Supervise and train laboratory teaching assistants
  • Provide controlled access to the ECE buildings, laboratories, and offices
  • Change keypad codes
  • Distribute keys and access codes for Whittemore and Durham.
  • Coordinate network access: Department Network Information Page
    • Issue network addresses
    • Acts as liaison between CNS network and Department
    • Assists with high speed modem pools
    • Arrange for network port installation in offices and labs
  • Provide copying services for class materials
  • Provide renovation support for Department projects.

Additional ECE Department support functions include:

  • Assist with computer installation, modification, and troubleshooting:
    • Install and /or troubleshoot software and operating systems
    • Install Virus protection and remove viruses from infected machines
    • Backup computer files
    • Install computer peripherals, hardware cards, disk drives, etc.
    • Provide printer toner cartridges and repairs
  • Support Department networked file services
    • Provide web pages and web server
    • Maintain networked printers
  • Assist research with special needs:
    • Repair and calibrate lab instruments
    • Fabricate and machine custom parts
  • Maintain an accurate equipment inventory and surplus unneeded equipment
  • Have office and lab door signs fabricated as needed
  • Provide a Departmental machine shop for faculty and staff

To receive computer assistance, report a building problem, obtain keys and keypad codes, or ask about shop services; call or email the ECE Technical Support Staff.