Ravi Tandon


Ravi Tandon
Research Assistant Professor
Hume Center for National Security and Technology
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech


1991 Kraft Drive, Suite 2016,
Virginia Tech,
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Email: tandonr@vt.edu

  1. TPC Member, IEEE ICC 2015 (Cognitive Radios and Networks Symposium)

  2. TPC Member, IEEE WCNC 2015 (MAC and Cross-Layer Design)

  3. New Papers presented at IEEE ISIT 2014

    1. On Multi-User MISO Wiretap Channels with Delayed CSIT

    2. On the Degrees-of-freedom of the 3-user MISO Broadcast Channel with Hybrid CSIT

    3. Decentralized Caching with Secure Delivery

    4. MISO Broadcast Channels with Confidential Messages and Alternating CSIT

    5. Symmetric Decentralized Interference Channels with Noisy Feedback

  4. Paper “Retroactive Anti-jamming for MISO Broadcast Channels” accepted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory

  5. New Papers presented at IEEE ICC 2014

    1. On Secure Distributed Storage Systems with Exact Repair

    2. Fundamental Limits of Caching with Secure Delivery

  6. Teaching ECE 5654: Advanced Digital Communications in Spring 2014 at Virginia Tech

Current Research Interests

  • Information Theory and Wireless Networks.

  • Signal Processing.

  • Distributed Cloud Storage Systems.

  • Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber-Security and Privacy.

Educational and Research Background

B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering, 2004, IIT Kanpur
Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, 2010, University of Maryland, College Park
Post-doctoral Research Associate, 2010-2012, Princeton University