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ECE Research Seminars

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ECE research seminars are open to all members of the community. In addition to periodic seminars and invited speakers, many of our research groups organize a regular seminar series each semester (see below). Each semester, ECE organizes a seminar series for all graduate students.

Regular Seminar Series

Bioinformatics: A regular seminar series in the Nation's Capital Region.

CESCA (Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications): A Friday afternoon series exploring the issues of embedded systems.

E&M/Space Science Seminars: A Tuesday afternoon series discussing research and issues.

Graduate Seminars: A Friday afternoon series, required for all students in ECE 5944. Topics include current research in ECE as well as issues and skills of use in graduate research.

Upcoming Research Seminars

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Speaker Larry Zitnick - Commonsense, Vision and Language

— This talk will explore the relation between computer vision, language and commonsense reasoning through the application of image caption generation. Details.

Remote Sensing of Ionospheric Disturbances with Radio Telescopes

— This talk will describe in detail the ionospheric impact on radio telescopes, and how this issue is being "flipped" to produce detailed specifications of fine-scale ionospheric disturbances. The talk focuses on two telescopes in particular, the Very Large Array (VLA) and the first station of the Long Wavelength Array (LWA1), both located in central, western New Mexico. Details.