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2007 Report

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2007 Report Features

Nanoprobing: making the smallest things visible
Yong Xu, an assistant professor of electrical engineering, is developing an active nanoprobe technology that could enable significant breakthroughs in optics, physics, and communications.

Tree of Trust: protecting embedded systems
While hackers and viruses grab headlines in computing security, Patrick Schaumont's team is working to protect data from a newer, growing threat -- a threat from the loss and theft of embedded computers that store personal and private information.

Tackling the mystery: the Mono virus
Many people know infectious mononucleosis (mono) as the disease of fevers, sore throats, and fatigue that can rob students of entire semesters. Medical researchers know mono as the disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-one of the oldest, most common human viruses.

High Power Engineering:
Is an energy router in your future?

Imagine a device that automatically detects demand for power and delivers processed electricity in the required form (AC or DC) at the correct voltage and frequency. Energy routers, analogous to the familiar data and communications routers, could improve reliability, efficiency, and safety at every level of the electrical power system.

Renaissance man of the acoustic waveform
Combining Electrical Engineering with a passion for music, David Gagnon seeks to study the acoustics of concert halls and the sound waves of music.

Matt Carson '98: life in the nascar fast lane
It takes more than an expert driver like Tony Stewart and a fast Chevrolet Monte Carlo to win a NASCAR race. Another type of race is run in the shop, where designers, machinists, and ???yes, engineers???work against the clock and competitors to design, build, test, and install new parts.

2006 Report Features

Searching the Universe for Exotic Explosions
Using aluminum pipes, low-cost equipment, and a unique, reconfigurable computing system, ECE and physics researchers have created a radio telescope to search the skies for "exotic physics" phenomena that exist in theory, but are not yet discovered.

Radios that Think and Learn
Like 9/11, Katrina showed how emergency responders cannot talk to each other because of incompatible communications equipment. An ECE-led team believes it can solve these interoperability problems - without buying new radios for every public safety organization in the country.

Joe Tront: Teaching with Technology
As information technology alters the practice of electrical and computer engineering, it is also constructively affecting how engineering is taught. ECE Professor Joe Tront is on the national vanguard of that movement.

ECE Bio-Imaging Aids Medical Research
The purchase of a microCT scanner for computational imaging research has been a boon for Blacksburg-based biomedical studies ranging from birth defects caused by diabetes to bone strength and tissue engineering.

ECE Studies Beyond the 'Burg
From single courses to certificate programs to degree programs Virginia Tech ECE offers a variety of graduate study options for students and practicing engineers - across the state and around the world.

Part Time PhD
Minh Nguyen earned his Ph.D. last fall after an experience that challenges many common assumptions. He completed his coursework and dissertation - as a part-time graduate student holding down a full-time engineering job.

The College of Engineering is now making it easier for graduate students in the Middle East and Northern Africa to obtain a Virginia Tech degree. Located in Alexandria, Egypt at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, students can receive a master's and Ph.D. in Electrical or Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Promoting Undergraduate International Experiences
As academia recognizes that global perspective is crucial in today's workplace, Virginia Tech is stepping up its emphasis on international experience at the graduate level. The College of Engineering's strategic plan for the coming years calls for creating a new study abroad program to facilitate this goal.