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Emerging Devices Certificate Program

Si-based devices and circuitry manufactured by these and other semiconductor device companies can meet current and near-future demands of the electronics industry. However, it is expected that a new device platform will be necessary in the coming decade to address the future demands.

Engineers and scientists graduating educated in the emerging technologies will enable the semiconductor industry to push beyond the current limitations of Si-based devices. A Graduate Certificate in Emerging Devices will provide students with the background and skills to pursue a career in this field.

Admissions Requirements

The admission requirements will be the same requirements used for admission into the ECE Master’s of Science (M.S.) and Master’s of Engineering (M.Eng.) programs. Individuals who are not currently enrolled in a Virginia Tech master's or doctoral program must apply to Virginia Tech, but may elect to enroll under the Non-Degree status.

Applicants who have earned or will earn a B.S. degree in the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering, materials science, materials engineering, physics, or a related field and are encouraged to have a 3.4/4.0 or higher GPA on their most recent 60 course credit hours during their undergraduate education.

Certificate Requirements

To receive a Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies, the student must have:

  • registered no later than the last day to add courses of the semester in which they complete the last course for the certificate.
  • submitted his/her program of study for the certificate to the Graduate School, which has been signed by one of the faculty members on the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies Oversight Committee.
  • attained a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the designated courses.


Students must complete a minimum of nine credit hours of approved graduate coursework. Only graded courses in which at least a B- is achieved will be applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies. At least one of the courses taken must be outside the student's home department.

Credit hours from courses used to complete the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies may not be applied towards a second graduate certificate, but may be applied towards a M.S., M.E., or Ph.D. degree with the approval of the student’s advising committee.

Approved courses
ECE/MSE 5200 Solid State Materials and Devices/Semiconductor Heterostructures
ECE 5206 Basic Semiconductor Devices
ECE 5210 MEMS Fabrication and Applications
ECE 5144 Introduction to Electro-Optics
ECE 6204 Advanced Topics in Electronics
MSE 5214 Optoelectronic and Magnetic Applications
MSE 5224 Photonic Materials
MSE 5614 Nanomaterials
MSE 6200 Semiconductor Nanostructures
PHYS 5455 Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 5554G Introduction to Solid State Physics
PHYS 5614 Introduction to Quantum Electronics
PHYS 5574G Nanotechnology

Restrictions on Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program courses

Additional graduate courses that may be applied towards the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies are available via distance learning from College of William and Mary, Old Dominion University, George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of Virginia. These courses will be identified on the website of the Virginia Tech Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP).

A Virginia Tech Course Registration Number (CRN) will be issued for each of the distance learning courses that are received on-campus. No more than one CGEP course originating from a school other than Virginia Tech may be applied towards the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies requirements.

Transfer Credits

No courses that have been transferred from another institution may be applied towards the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies.

Associated faculty members

The following faculty members are associated with the Graduate Certificate in Emerging Device Technologies program: