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Evrenosoglu named teacher of the week

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The Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research (CIDER) recognizes C. Yaman Evrenosoglu, assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, for his dedication to the project-based learning of his students. By engaging them in and outside of the classroom, he keeps them focused during each lecture and throughout the semester, as well as deepens their understanding of complex mathematical modeling and computational problems.

Dr. Evrenosoglu (i.e., Dr. E, as the students know him) believes that the students have to be engaged during the lecture. In order to promote participation by the students, Dr. Evrenosoglu posts the lectures ahead of time on the course website so that the students have access to the content. This prevents the students from feeling anxious to take notes and provides them the opportunity to concentrate on the lecture and ask more questions. Dr. E makes sure that students ask questions, doing his best to provide a safe and friendly learning environment so that his students feel comfortable participating. Dr. Evrenosoglu also requires each student to visit him in his office hours at least twice a semester to ask meaningful questions related to the class. He makes sure that he learns the names of each student so that he can randomly direct his questions to individual students, calling them by name. He records short-lectures on his computer (slides accompanied by his voice) and creates videos to be posted online. Video recordings of solutions to different and difficult questions provide students the opportunity to watch the material repeatedly in case they do not understand the topic on the first try. He communicates with his students via e-mail regularly; his average reply time to online questions is two hours. He regularly assigns term projects (including analysis and design) on real-world problems in power engineering, and requires students to write their own computer programs to solve the problems. Dr. E makes sure that they learn how to use a software package as well so that they can compare their own results with those they obtain from the package. The students are also expected to provide technical reports on their findings. In graduate classes, Dr. Evrenosoglu asks the students to present their findings in addition to submitting their reports. Dr. Evrenosoglu provides extra credit opportunities all along the semester. He assigns bonus homework assignments and extra questions on midterm and final exams so that the students who don’t do well in the beginning can still have higher grades if they work hard and try to catch up. Of course, he makes it clear that the bonus questions and assignments are much harder than the regular ones, routinely requiring deeper analytical thinking. For more visit:

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