Power lab schedule Spring 2014

Lab procedures
Report Template
session 1
1. Roll call,  and orientation ( Monday section first class is session 2)

session 2
1. Lab  Basic measurements, power factor, and Dynamometer . Quiz next class

Basic Measurement lab Quiz next class (Basic Measurement)
Notes:  Basic measurement review
session 3
1. Quiz( Basic measurement, power factor, and Dynamometer)
2. Demonstration lab Power Factor Correction. Quiz next class
PFC Module  Demonstration Quiz next class (Power Factor Corr).
Notes: PFC Module review

session 4
1. Quiz (Power Factor Correction)
2. Demonstration electronic ballast. Quiz next class
Ballast Demonstration

Quiz next class (ballast)
Notes: Ballast review
session 5
1. Quiz (Ballast)
2. Lab Magnetic circuits with  report

Magnetic lab
Report: Magnetic DOC Template
Report: Magnetic PDF Template
Notes: Magnetics review

session 6
1. Report due (Magnetic lab)
2. Lab experiment  single phase transformer model.  Quiz next class
Transformer model lab
Quiz next class  (Transformer Model)
Notes: Transformer Model review

session 7
1. Quiz (Transformer model).
2. Lab experiment single phase transformer waveforms with report.
Transformer Waveforms lab
Report: Transformer Waveforms DOC
Report: Transformer Waveforms PDF
Notes: Transformer Waveforms review

session 8 1. Report due (Transformer waveforms)
2. Lab Transmission line . Quiz next class
Transmission line lab Quiz next class (Transmission Line)
Notes: Transmission Line review
session 9 1. Quiz (Transmission Line))
2. Lab experiment Synchronous Machine with  report

Synchronous Machine lab Report: Synchronous Machine DOC 
Report: Synchronous Machine PDF
Notes: Synchronous Machine review
session 10
 go to session 11
snow day missed. session 10 and 11 combined

session 11
1. Report due (Synchronous Machine)
2. Lab experiment Induction machine model.Data for report
3. Induction machine Matlab with report ( program and model)

Induction motor Matlab program

Report: Matlab DOCX  Template
Report: Matlab  PDF  Template
Notes: Induction Machine review
session 12 1. Report due (MATLAB).
2. Lab experiment DC machine. Quiz next class.
DC Machine lab
Quiz next class (DC Machine)
Notes: DC Machine review
session 13 1. Quiz (DC machine)
2. Review for exam

session 14
Exam: in class