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ECE: Electrical & Computer Engineering
About ECE


Computing Resources
For details of ECE computing resources, including workstations, software, and server space, please see the Computing Resources Page.

Technical Support Staff
ECE Technical Support
234 Whittemore

The ECE Shop provides technical and engineering support for ECE laboratories, computing, building renovation and maintenance, and machine work. Visit the ECE Technical Support homepage.

IEEE Professional Resources

ECE adheres to and supports the Code of Ethics developed by the IEEE Professional Society.

We encourage all students to learn and follow the IEEE publication format and referencing standards found in the Style Manual. See also the IEEE Author Digital Toolbox and the the IEEE Publishing Tools and Policies.

Teaching Laboratories
CAD and Visualization Lab
222 Whittemore Hall
Lab Supervisors: Jaime De La Ree, John Harris

Computer Engineering Laboratories
368, 373, 375 Durham Hall
Lab Supervisors: Peter Athanas, Mark Jones

GPS Laboratory
676 Whittemore Hall
Lab Supervisor: Brent Ledvina

Faraday Power Laboratory
430 Whittemore Hall
Lab Supervisor: Jaime De La Ree

Microelectronics Cleanroom
636 Whittemore Hall
Lab Supervisor: Lou Guido

Microwave Laboratory
619 Whittemore
Lab Supervisors: Sedki Riad, Bill Davis

Networks/Electronics Laboratory
219 Whittemore Hall

Lab Supervisor: Bill Davis

Networks/Electronics Laboratory
251 Whittemore Hall

Lab Supervisor: Kathleen Meehan

Networks/Electronics Laboratory
253 Whittemore Hall

Lab Supervisor: Jason Lai

Radio/Controls/Signal Processing Laboratory
619 Whittemore Hall
Lab Supervisors: William Davis, Michael Buehrer

Semiconductor Processing Laboratory
633 Whittemore Hall

Lab Supervisors: Kathleen Meehan, Don Leber